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Mogul mentality, now that's my reality
My thoughts rival Roc-A-Fella, Hov inspired salary
Mamba taught me how to work,
with Sean's personality
My Hussle mirrors neighborhood
Kevin's Hart you can laugh with me
Stagnant for too long, but now I'm skipping a few levels
Relationships are everything, and I refuse to settle
For leisure, I like to rage, and I talking heavy metal
All gas no breaks, my foot's stuck to the pedal
Limited support, but they gon have they day in court
Who I'm I to judge? Again, it's a prov'em sport
Michael didn't make the team and he won 6 rings
Hell, they didn't know that I could rap, and I like to sing

What they gon do wit us?
What they gon do wit us?
What they gon do wit us?
Nah! This aint new to us!

I’m that same guy who came out Lil Ayden
Out the streets, few degrees, aye look Pop we made it
When we hit the scene, man we seen they weren’t checking
Now our plan is working out and they screaming that we’re flexing
Street smart and book smart, you’ll respect this intellect
Split sheets for publishing the distribution intercept
We catching plays and this here you cannot intercept
Yea this thang on lock and with those calls you cannot hit collect
Haaaa Are you dumb? Check our pedigree
We gon handle business and it comes before the pleasantries
If you moving shifty, man I’m hoping that you hearing this
Before you reach I hope you see them shows and appearances
Building with, and not on top, we don’t create pyramids
Wonder how we feeling, guess no longer playboy here it is
Where we are and looking back, man I feel a rush
The only thing I wonder nowadays what they gon do with us

What they gon do wit us?
What they gon do wit us?
What they gon do wit us?
Nah! This aint new to us!

What you gonna do with a nigga like a I
I’m the fish but you know I’m that guy
I touch sky
Man, I did the cooking
I’m not sharing this pie
Way I’m heating up, now they playin deny
Results talk, tuh
Man, dont question me why
These ryhmes get they teams in line like suicides
Don’t lose your team tryna keep your pride
You don’t work on this team then you sit the pine
Your people talk for you when you lead your tribe
People left when it was bad now I say goodbyes
Only time I see niggas when I’m lapping ‘em
Crazy man, these niggas never clapped for him
Now be I the platform
Tell me What they gon do?
Guess I be Simon
They gon do what we say
Why would you play
Revenue that’s comin andele
Name the time and place
I’m the Fish, they want my currents nigga, I’m the wave