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Camy ‘91 is an ode to a familiar out night for Coop & Cannon. A fun vibe with a nostalgic feel, you won’t be able to help but envision the evening journey.


*J. Cannon*
I was knocked ya boy was taking a nap
Waking up to missed calls he like homie where you at?
It's time to shake the spot
Scratching my head thinking like man I forgot
But homie what's the play he like, “Oh Girl”
The one from the other day? I'm like, “Oh, Word”
I asked him what's the move
She had friend that just came in from out of town
I asked him bout the lounge, he said, “yo, it's going down”
He said, “I'll be on my way in bout half an hour”
That's just enough time for me to go hit the shower
But knowing my brother taste I know she fine
So all it really takes is for me to get the vibe
I got to get ready no time for shuck and jive
So fresh and so clean and I'm looking extra fine
By the time I look alive he hit line
Saying he right outside homie and it's time to

*Jus Coop*
So we cruisin in our element, settin up the vibe
I check in with the ladies, see if they're ready for the night
One say "Ya'll cool and you're super swift
And I'm loving all your energy, it's super diff
But we gon see though, are you ready for me though?
I'm quite the hand full, my girl can come off kinda shy, until she's in the mood"
I see bro smiling in the mirror, like, "you Kidd, I got the Play"
Hablar no mas, cuz there's nothing left to say
Doing 50 in a 45, through the eastside enroute to uptown, like a 15 min drive
Exchanging love taps while the bro got em laughing
Makin em feel at ease in true Firm Fashion
Passing the skyline the shy one is in pure bliss
like "your city is so beautiful, I can get used to this"
And with one kiss, we're headed straight for our exit
If the night goes as planned we'll be gone in 60 sec, So we